Evac You 8 provides training for all kinds of Emergency Procedures, including Fire Equipment operation and Warden Training.  They asked us to design a new website for them, suitable for clearly displaying their various training courses and resource materials.

As a Registered Training Organisation, there was a requirement for their website to meet some specific design criteria.

We worked closely with their in-house graphics developer to come up with a custom theme and site design which the client was happy with, and which satisfied all of the RTO assessment criteria.

They offer both "accredited" and "non-accredited" training courses, and these are automatically grouped and displayed in the correct place on the site.

One important requirement was that Evac-You-8 staff be able to add new content (courses, downloadable course notes, and other information) themselves, and the Drupal CMS platform allows this to be done easily.  We created templates for courses, and by simply ticking a box on the content upload form, the content is automatically displayed in the appropriate place on the site.

The website is mobile-friendly, and works on all devices - desktops, tables and smartphones.