Versace - la Dolce Vita

For a number of years, we have run an event at the 6-star Palazzo Versace Hotel, on the Gold Coast, for a special client.

The event runs over four days, and consists of daytime “corporate” sessions and evening dinners, all of which take place in the main ballroom.

The day sessions are taken up with speaker presentations, using only the front half of the ballroom.  This is set up “theatre-style” with the ballroom partitioned off by a removable wall, halfway back.

The evening sessions are banquet dinners, featuring entertainment from some of Australia’s finest artists.  In previous years, we have hosted artists such as James Morrison, Marina Prior, Darryl Braithwaite, Glenn Shorrock, and most recently it was Jon Stevens and AbbaLive (on different nights!)

The main challenge is the short changeover time between the day and evening sessions.  As soon as the day session ends (around 1pm), the rear wall partitioning is removed, and we expand to occupy the entire ballroom.  The stage depth is doubled (to accommodate the evening band), a dance floor added, and the room is set up with banquet tables.  We also relocate the audio and lighting consoles to the rear of the ballroom.

The key to getting all this done is good planning, and careful setup during the bump-in. (Having an amazing crew helps too!)

We have a great team (ok we're biased but we think they are the best in the business), and the client and audience have been delighted year after year. Even the professional speakers at the event are genuinely impressed with what we deliver.

Typically we only have a couple of hours to get the evenings up and running, ready for band sound check.  At the end of the night, the process is reversed – consoles are relocated back to the front half of the room, half of the stage is struck, the dance floor and banquet tables removed, and the back wall replaced and the venue is reset, all ready for the next day.